Joint Ventures

To allow us to capture more Opportunities and Accelerate our Investment Strategies, we are for the first time opening up a NEW Joint Venture programme starting from as little as a £5,000 Investment up to 1 Million Pounds, so basically everyone can get involved and enjoy fantastic returns, not just cash-flow but a share of the Property Gain Also.

In the past we have raised over $100 Million in Joint Venture Investments over the last three years giving incredible returns to our partners.

We focus on Residential Multiple Apartment Blocks, Specialized Commercial Buildings, and we even build our own. We do this through incredibly detailed research to pinpoint beginning cycles around the world that are supported by strong fundamentals in Demographics, the Development Plan and Economic Factors, especially new job creation.

We have invested in several areas of the World in the last 10 years which have been so successful we were awarded The People’s Choice Best Real Estate Investment Company in Singapore 2014/15. Many of our Investors do not live in the UK and this award means so much to us because the Public voted for us…they cannot be a better award for us to receive…

These Award Winning Investments started to produce fabulous results just after the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) of 2008. And because of our careful research we started buying many Residential Properties in the USA at this time, doubling our returns and generating fantastic cash-flows of over 15%…of course our fellow Investors benefited greatly from this… At this time, we also saw a huge Opportunity in the Australian Mining Industry with small towns doubling in Population within just a few years and rents generating AUD$ 3,000 a week!

Our Formidable Track Record opens many doors in sourcing incredible properties AND the finance to leverage multiple purchases that still yields POSITIVE CASH-FLOW. This strategy reduces our risk considerably. Indeed, every one of our Investments so far is Positively Geared enabling our Investors to enjoy fantastic Cash-Flow into their Bank Account and Gains. We have showcased some our successful purchases in this site.

We are very careful in the kind of Property we invest in as we want the best returns, this is why we do not focus on very cost, cheap areas, that can give good rental returns. The UK was always going to be good after 2008 and we have focused the last two years in this country securing many multiple Developments, one being “The Pines” in Manchester, in which we doubled our money within a staggering 3 months.