A lot of our customers ask us why we are different, what sets us apart and how we deliver the best property investment you have ever seen….

The reason we have been able to offer the highest cash-flow returns in the world, time after time, is because we invest a lot of our time in researching what are the Best property investments in the world…

In this regard, we are relentless, we do not accept any old property that may seem really cheap, just for the sake of the price, we deliver fantastic investments, because of our extremely stringent laboratory test research and due diligence.

What you will NOT learn from any property supplier in the world are these fundamentals, and fundamentals that are backed up with compelling research.

The three fundamental areas in any property investment we carefully monitor are;



(Population growth in the suburb you are buying the property)



(How the area will develop in the suburb and surrounding suburbs you are investing in)



(How the economy is likely to grow in the area you are investing in)

It is important that you understand these three fundamentals thoroughly, so please allow us to explain them in more detail.



We have always stated since our founders starting investing twenty years ago, that if we had to choose one thing, one thing that would make the difference between a great property investment and an average one, would be this.

This really boils down to the simplicity of population growth.

Are people moving into the area or moving out of the area?
At what rate are they moving in or moving out?
What kind of people are moving in or moving out?

This is a very, very critical question, when we say what kind of people, what we really mean is

What is the INCOME of the people?
What is the Marital Status and family status, as in do they have children and how many?
What is the AGE of the people in the area and the people moving in/moving out?

By asking these SIMPLE yet POWERFUL questions, important information can be determined, information that will determine ultimately your INVESTMENT RETURN and the SUSTAINABILITY of it! For example, if more people are leaving the area than are moving in, you have a serious problem…

If the RENTS in the AREA and property prices in the area are UNAFFORDABLE for the people trying to live or want to move there, you have a serious problem. If there is an oversupply of properties in the area, you have a serious problem. If there is NO FAMILY accommodation, specifically for families with Children of a certain age, you have a serious problem. If there are NO SCHOOLS nearby for those families you have a serious problem as an investor, because you are not likely to invest in a school to support families in the area.

Bottom line is the simple rule of Supply and Demand.

IF you have people moving to the area in large amounts, and you have seen there is not enough “suitable” accommodation to cater for their needs, you have a SERIOUS OPPORTUNITY to make money!

At Freedom Investors we seize those Below Market Value properties, renovate them to a modern contemporary high quality standard and fill them with ready tenants, giving the end Investor such as your as yourself fantastic returns from 10% Rental Cash-flow yield upwards, some of our Investments are giving are investors a guarantee 24% per year paid monthly which is simply unheard of ANYWHERE in the world, and we really mean that, you just cannot get such secure investments at such a great return!

We only look at suburbs, which are growing by 10% per year in population with the right demographic, the demographic that has the sufficient income to easily afford your Investment property.



What we can tell you is 90% of serious investors simply do not investigate the Demographics of an area like we do, because they just don’t know because they have not been educated to…. But 99.9% of serious investors completely miss the importance and value of a strong Structure/Development Plan, and this is where most investors fail in generating significant returns.

The Structure/Development is the second most important factor when investing in property, because this will determine IF NEW PEOPLE, who earn GREAT INCOMES are likely to move into the area…

What do we mean?

Well if a new shopping centre, with an excellent selection of products, and facilities, such as bowling alleys, cinemas and great entertainment is being developed, this will be a CROWD puller, and of course the nearer it is to your chosen investment suburb, the more your investment will return, because people will have a stronger DESIRE to move there.

If a NEW SCHOOL is being developed in the area, a school that will cater for the age group of the families in the area and the families that want to move there for years to come, this will also IMPROVE your investment returns, because more families will have a stronger DESIRE to move there, because it fulfills their needs and they don’t have to travel hours in a traffic jam to collect their kids, a very, very powerful factor in determining a great yield from your property. The better and closer the schools, the more you can charge in RENTAL INCOME, because people will be willing to pay a higher premium for the all convenience it brings to them.

There are NINE main areas of Structure Plan we research before we invest a penny;

RESIDENTIAL (how it is zoned and allocated for residences)
COMMERCIAL (how businesses and retail parks/shopping is zoned geographically to the residential zones…)
INDUSTRIAL (what Industry is allowed in the area, how the pollution is managed, etc)
ENVIRONMENT (How the environment is protected, what areas are zoned for parks and forests, and how they are likely to be sustainable)
COMMUNITY (How the community is served in the area, from local health care to fitness centres, places of worship, social meeting places, etc).
TRANSPORT Infrastructure (What kind of public transport is on offer, the cost of it, the different types of it, the road networks)
EDUCATION Infrastructure (Types and Places of Education available for all age groups and Backgrounds)
FACILITIES Infrastructure (Shopping/Lifestyle/Cinemas/Bowling/Sports/Restaurants/Entertainment)
LAND USE  (How all the land is presently used now and is likely to be used in the future, for example, will there be any new roads built, any forests cleared, any heavy industry moving in, any planning permission pending, etc)

Can you now fully appreciate all the variables involved in successful property investing

This why the founders of the Wealth Creation Crowdfund have gone to great lengths to source you, the investor, unbeatable properties and simply Brilliant returns, that are in essence SUSTAINABLE!



Our third fundamental must also be factored in to the success of every investment.“Economic” is really how the economy is likely to prosper in the area you are investing in financially. And of course the very first thing we look at here is JOBS! Are there enough jobs being created in the area, to sustain the chosen lifestyle of people living in the area and wanting to move there…

Is the Structure/Development Plan creating enough Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs & Government to seriously invest in the area… Are there any special circumstances or Benefits to help investment in the area? Such as TAX BREAKS, government assisted labour costs, grants and so on?

What TYPE of Industry is growing in the area? Are they likely to stay there, or move premises to a totally new area? For example, on more than a few occasions, accomplished investors have put their money in property simply because a big company in the area, was hiring and growing their company, only for them 12 months later to move to bigger and better premises with better tax breaks in a completely new area, nowhere near the first, creating a disaster in the job market and leaving many people “Unemployed”.

Now you can probably see where many, many mistakes are made…. Including in Economic Factors are the property laws…what are the legal requirements to invest in the area? Are there any cooling measures for multiple purchases? Is there a property tax to sell at a profit? Are the Banks lending rates favourable and are the lending terms flexible?

Our due diligence covers ALL of this and much more, totally reassuring our Investors that they are making a very wise and secure decision when they Invest directly through the Wealth Creation Crowd Fund. We hope this has given you a detailed insight in how we succeed every time.


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Depending on your level of Investment you will get the highest returns of ANY joint venture in the entire world. You can expect that your money will only be Invested in the Highest Performing Property based on our Award Winning Research Criteria, which includes investing at the beginning of cycles, increasing population, an expanding development plan and in areas that are creating plenty of new sustainable jobs, the fundamentals of successful property investment.



From just 5,000 pounds you can get involved in our joint venture program. You can increase your Investment at anytime.



Your Interest is paid quarterly from the date of application you made. So, for example, if you applied on the 1st of January, your first interest payment would be made on the 1st of April. If you have invested at the level which attracts further bonuses, these bonuses are paid on month 30 (thirty) and month 60 (sixty) respectively.