• Phil Edmondson

    Phil overlooks the entire operations of The Wealth Revolution Group and The Marco Robinson Group of Companies. He works very closely with our Sales and Customer Service departments to ensure our members are served without compromise with 24 hours email response KPI’s and personal attention to feedbacks received.

    Phil makes himself available directly to members by attending Sales appointments and almost all our events worldwide to ensure he has first hand knowledge of how our members are attended to and how we can constantly improve to serve our members better. He also joins our UK, US and Australia property tours to bond with our members to ensure there is an open door policy for members to interact with our top management.

  • Malvindran

    If you want to discover how to make great cash on line or seriously boost your online presence with your business, then this is the mentor you need to get to know. Malvindran holds a wealth of information of everything ‘techie’ and is a fully qualified Google expert.

    He also arranges our live webinars and is on hand to show you the extensive portfolio of exclusive investment deals awaiting you as a member of Wealth Revolution Group. He meets our members on a 1-to-1 basis to sit through and discuss your investment needs, guide you through the process to get started with our investments and follow through with it.